Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cop Watch LA Interview on Uprising Radio

Maywood Police Department Accused of Brutality and Abuse

GUESTS: Joaquin Cienfuegos, Copwatch LA and Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, Ramon Medina, former President of the Maywood Police Commission

The City of Maywood’s police department has come under increasing criticism in recent months. Community members and organizations, such as Padres Unidos de Maywood, have accused the department of corruption, brutality and abuse. A recent Los Angeles Times investigation revealed that at least a third of Maywood√Ę€™s 37 member police force had been hired despite having questionable past records which included terminations from other agencies for misconduct and brushes with the law. Following the investigative report, interim police chief, Richard Lyons, who himself has a criminal background, promised police reforms. Among the officers hired by the Maywood Police Department are Frank Garcia, who was charged with drunk driving and firing his weapon negligently. Among the allegations of police abuse is the case of a Maywood police officer impregnating a 15 year old teenager who rode along with patrols as a police explorer. Community members and lawyers have filed numerous lawsuits against the city. The Maywood Police Department is also being currently investigated by the FBI, the California attorney general, and the LA County district attorney.

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