Thursday, June 7, 2007

Albuquerque Police Identify Man Shot by Officers

Associated Press

Albuquerque police have released the identity of a man who was fatally shot by officers.
Jay Martin Murphy, 42, was killed Tuesday after barricading himself inside an Albuquerque home with his teenage daughter, authorities said.
He was armed with a knife and at one point threw bottles at officers, police said.
Albuquerque police spokesman John Walsh did not release the identities of the two police officers who fired their weapons. The officers are on standard three-day paid leave, he said.
Police have said Murphy had previous run-ins with the law, including arrests on charges of aggravated assault on a peace officer, vehicle theft, criminal trespass, battery and child abuse.

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chatt said...

Let it be known that on 17 of September 2009 at appx: 9:45pm in Albuquerque NM --502 Louisana Blvd. SE, Sergio F. my son was walking home and 2 violent public servants(cops) arrested my son on false charges and brutally and severely beaten him up. At the time a devilish cop pull-up along Sergio and asked him to stop. Sergio obeyed. The human right violator cop then asked him to pull-up his hand which sergio did without any resistance. That's as much sergio remembers until arriving at the hospital. Before he went unconscious, the monstrous cop body , slammed him to the ground and grabbed his head and smashed his face against the sidewalk 2 times and on top of that he hit sergio so hard that he broke his own arm. At the same time another cop arrived and as he was walking up the scene he too took out his night stick and started beating on Sergio side which resulted in some broken ribs. In the arrest documents its written that, there was only one brutalizing cop involved. Sergio also resulted with 3 broken teeth and a large open wound from his mouth to his cheek bone. There are 3 witnesses that saw the whole thing and willing to testify on Sergio behalf. How do we hold them accountible for such montrous crime. I like to have suggestions from anyone --because this is the most horrifying experience we ever had. This epidemic has to stop here in Albuquerque NM. Please help with any advice.
US Citizen T.F.
21 sept 2009