Sunday, July 29, 2007

KRQE: Church group resumes park feeds

ALBUQUERQUE (July 29, 2007) - A church group that was citied by police because of the way it was helping feed the homeless is back in business tonight.

Trinity house workers were at a park near 14th and Central NW handing out meals this afternoon.

Police told the Trinity House it couldn't feed the homeless in city parks because it didn't have the proper permits.

The church group said it is now getting special event permits each week to serve.

Neighbors near Robinson Park where Trinity House used to serve also raised concerns about homeless people in their neighborhood.

Trinity House said the homeless have to eat somewhere. Organizers said they feel the park near 14th and Central is a good location.

"It seems like folks are feeling like this is a good place," Chelsea Collange of Trinity House said. "It's nice to be back in the shade and back in a public park.

Trinity House has been serving meals to the homeless every Friday and Sunday for the past two years.

Approximately 100 people show up to eat each meal.

Source: KRQE News 13 | Web Producer: Bill Diven

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